Because the most relaxed person in the room is the most powerful person in the room.

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We help leaders, teams and organisations feel and perform their best by teaching them the art and science of rest.

  • Bespoke programmes for burnout prevention, resilience and high performance. 
  • Evidenced-based, spiritually-conscious and trauma-sensitive. 
  • Accessible resources, engaging content and compassionate coaching.


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What we believe. 

Quiet power.

The most relaxed person in the room is the most powerful person in the room. When we're relaxed we see possibilities and opportunities we were blind to when we were living in survival mode.


We have the most impact, not by always holding ourselves together and pushing through, but by slowing down, leaning in and making space for our most powerful ideas to emerge.

Mental health.

Overworking is not compatible with creativity, high performance or good mental health. We do our best work when we are genuinely valued, truly respected and deeply rested.

How we work. 

Bespoke resources.

We work closely with your organisation to create online workshops and programmes full of videos, restorative practices and resilience-building exercises to support staff manage stress and perform their best.

Delivery and training.

We offer online and face-to-face training and education to up-skill team members in the science of stress, rest and resilience – and why they matter for wellbeing, creativity and high performance.


We offer 1:1 and small group coaching for leaders who want support in developing a values-based leadership style and balancing the needs of their personal and professional lives.

Our approach. 

Relaxed culture.

We respect the science when it comes to the impact of overworking and chronic stress on health and performance. We help you create a culture that  supports psychological safety, cultivate a sense of belonging and increase productivity.

Relaxed research.

Every organisation is unique. We use immersive research to connect more deeply with your organisation’s values and needs so we can create resources, content and programmes that will have the most impact.

Resilience toolkits.

We blend psychoeducation with experiential practices so staff not only understand the science of stress, rest and resilience but have a toolkit of relaxation and resilience-building strategies to use when they need them.


Our philosophy. 


Our work is grounded in the latest scientific research and psychological theories to support optimal wellbeing, high performance and healthy behaviour change.


We honour lived experience and indigenous wisdom as much as 'expert' opinion. We believe that creative breakthroughs come when we embrace diversity and allow people to be their authentic selves.


We understand the impact of chronic and traumatic stress on physical health and mental wellbeing. Our work is organised and delivered in ways that promote safety and trust and aim to prevent re-traumatisation.


A little taste of what we offer. 

Burnout prevention programme.

Research shows that over 80% of people have experienced some form of burnout in the last two years, manifesting as emotional exhaustion, physical fatigue and lack of effort at work. Our burnout prevention programme is a hybrid programme, giving staff the online resources and support  to nourish themselves and honour their work-rest rhythms, as well as helping to create a relaxed, anti-burnout organisational culture.

Rest and resilience programme.

The science shows we can cope with quite a lot of stress as long as we get enough rest. Our rest and resilience programme gives staff the education and resources to get to know their nervous systems,  learn how to shift out of a state of fight-and-flight and into a state of rest-and-recovery. It offers a toolkit of practices they can use to recover from stress, access states of deep rest, gently build resilience and perform their best.

The relaxed leader programme.

The most relaxed person in the room is the most powerful person in the room. When we approach our personal and professional challenges from a more relaxed perspective we can cope with them more effectively. We teach leaders the power of deep work and deep rest. We educate them on the science of stress and rest so they can inspire and empower those they work with by honouring their mind and body’s need for rest.

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Meet the mind behind The Relaxed Business

Nicola Jane Hobbs

Feminist psychologist & researcher

Nicola is a psychologist, consultant and integrative therapist who specialises in mental health, behaviour change and high performance.

She has over a decade of experience working with high performing leaders, teams and organisations including Premiership footballer teams,  military veterans and international businesses who are revolutionising everything from cloud storage to organic skincare. 

Nicola loves handstands, juggling and growing her own vegetables.She lives in Brighton, by the sea. 

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