The Relaxed Business Consultancy

We don't call you out. We call you in.

We don't believe in cancel culture. We believe in a relaxed culture. A feminist* culture. A family culture. A forgiving culture. A culture that's rooted in maternal values of caring, nurturing and belonging. A culture that values lived experiences, emotional intelligence and indigenous knowledge just as much as 'expert' opinion. A culture that allows every individual, community and business to flourish.

We don't aim for shame. We aim for change. 

*not a man-hating, bra-burning, 'smash the patriarchy' feminism, but a creative, compassionate, courageous feminism. 


Lead like a feminist

Feminist leaders are relaxed leaders. They work hard and they rest deeply. They role model healthy behaviours to the people they work with by honouring their mind and body's need for nutritious food, physical activity and loving relationships. They know the difference between feeling productive and producing meaningful, impactful work. They define success on their own terms.They're mindful of the power they have and know when to make executive decisions and when to facilitate. They know that the more wealth they can earn, the more they can share. They inspire, empower and take care of themselves and those they work with.

Perform like a feminist

Feminists honour their stress-rest rhythms. They know they have the most impact, not by always holding themselves together and pushing through, but by slowing down, leaning in and making space for their most powerful ideas to emerge. Feminists are fierce in their commitment to their goals and gentle in the way they treat their bodies, their relationships and the world. They know that high performance is a collaborative process, that asking for help is essential and that perfection is unattainable. They know failure is part of the deal. And when they fail, they fail forwards – into deeper purpose, vaster compassion and greater motivation to reach their potential and contribute to the world. 

Feminist culture

A feminist culture is a healthy culture. A relaxed culture. A culture that trusts people to manage their own workloads and gives individuals the opportunity to say 'no' when they're already feeling overloaded. A feminist culture respects the science when it comes to the negative impact of overworking and chronic stress on health and performance. It creates an environment that offers optimal regulation of the nervous system in order to support mental health, improve focus and increase productivity. It encourages bidirectional feedback between colleagues and uses non-hierarchal language. It embraces diversity and actively works to dismantle biases.

A feminist culture knows that an individual can only show up fully – as a high performer, a leader, a lover, a caregiver, a parent, a friend – when they're genuinely valued, truly respected and deeply rested.  

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