tiny moments of rest


For busy women who yearn to rest.

Learn one tiny, powerful relaxation technique every day for 30 days so you can become your most relaxed, authentic self.

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For the women trying to juggle it all. For the women struggling to find time to rest. For the women who don't have a moment to themselves. For the women who are too exhausted to go to a yoga class, who don't have the mental capacity to sit and journal, who are too overwhelmed to bake a banana bread. 


This is for you.


  • 30 simple, effective tools that relax you in less than 3 minutes
  • Tiny, powerful rest rituals that are easy to weave into your busy day
  • In-the-moment techniques for when life is really testing you
  • The practices and strategies Nicola uses in her own life that provide your mind and body with micro-moments of rest 
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This workshop is great for you if you:

  • Are juggling it all and don't have time for long relaxation practices.
  • Are a busy mum who never gets a moment to yourself.
  • Feel on the verge of burnout due to working long hours or running your own business but have no way of reducing your workload at the moment.
  • Experience relaxation-induced anxiety whenever you slow down and need to begin with tiny moments of rest.
  • Need some in-the-moment strategies you can use when you feel stressed, anxious and overwhelmed.

What you'll learn:

  • The basic science of switching off your stress response and switching on your relaxation response. 
  • One simple relaxation strategy for switching off your stress response everyday for 30 days.
  • Simple instructions for each rest ritual and how to weave it into your busy day.
  • In-the-moment tools for times when you're being pushed to your limits.
  • A toolkit of over 30 rest and relaxation practices you can draw on for the rest of your life.

What's included:

  • 6 months access to the Tiny Moments of Rest workshop.
  • Simple psychoeducation on stress and rest.
  • Over 30 science-backed techniques for rest and relaxation.
  • Easy-to-read instructions on each technique, when to use it and why it works.
  • A 25% discount off your next course once you've finished the workshop.
Get Started • £99

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