Workshops and Coaching Courses

Our workshops and group coaching courses are designed to gently guide you through the process of becoming a Relaxed Woman, holding your hand as you learn about the impact stress and trauma have had on your body, brain, beliefs and behaviours, so that you can move from a place of anxiety, overwhelm and exhaustion to a place of peace, freedom and joy. 

Deep Rest Coaching Course

Starting Tuesday 11th October. Join me for a 10-week group coaching journey to recover from stress & learn how to rest.

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Relaxed Living

Learn how to meet your 12 core needs and create a way of living that allows you to experience vitality, wellbeing and joy.

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The Free How To Relax Workshop

Explore your relationship with rest, learn how to relax, and discover what being a Relaxed Woman means to you.

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Regulation, Restoration and Relaxation

Learn how to regulate your nervous system, overcome relaxation-induced anxiety and shift out of fight-or-flight and survival mode.

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Relaxed Eating

Release food guilt and anxiety and discover a way of eating that works for you so you can move towards your weight and wellbeing goals.

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Relaxed Recovery

Safely explore the thoughts, emotions and behaviours that are holding you back in recovery from your eating disorder or disordered eating. 

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The Relaxed Woman Reset

Spend 12 weeks immersed in practices designed to let your brain and body know that it's safe enough to turn off your stress response so you can deeply rest, fully relax and truly restore.

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The Relaxed Business Woman

For coaches, professionals and entrepreneurs who want a more relaxed way of relating to their work, money, ambitions, clients, dreams and goals.

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