For forward-thinking leaders and executives who want to nurture the women in their organisations and get the support they need to do their most impactful and meaningful work.

What we know:

  • Relaxation is a superpower.

  • Rest is no longer a luxury.

  • The most relaxed person in the room is the most powerful person in the room.¬†

Our services

Our mission is to nurture the people in your business so they can flourish.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to protect yourself from burnout and future-proof your business, an executive seeking to amplify your impact in service of your vision, or a leader wanting to nurture the women in your organisation so they can flourish, maintaining the status quo is no longer optional. 

The world where we live, work and perform is evolving. And with it, we need to rethink how we meet the challenges in a more conscious, compassionate and collaborative way. 

We have to rock the boat.

From ego-system to eco-system

The masculine energy of logic, competition and discipline can only take you 50% of the way. 

To galvanise your teams, nurture the potential in your people and processes and optimise engagement and innovation, you need to embrace the other half of the high performance equation: The feminine. 

Nurturing. Sharing. Listening. Relating. Accepting. Allowing. Empathising. Trusting. Feeling. Collaborating. Cultivating. Co-creating. 

Masculine without feminine results in a fixed mindset, reactive, defensive and passive-aggressive relationships and a hostile, fear-based culture.

Feminine without masculine leads to a sense of powerlessness, self-doubt and insecurity, co-dependent relationships and a culture of compliance and resentment.

We help you balance the masculine and feminine on a leadership, team and organisational level so that both your people and your business can thrive. 

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How we can help you

We partner with a limited number of like-minded organisations to offer support and training in the space of culture change, leadership, wellbeing, gender equity and high performance.  

We create personalised experiences for your organisation based on what matters to you, what drives you and how you define and measure success. 

By blending cutting edge research in psychology, neuroscience and behaviour change with ancient wisdom practices such as spirituality, yoga and mindfulness, we create experiences and programmes to guide you and your people on the path of personal, professional and organisational transformation.

We love creating and delivering everything from leadership retreats in the heart of nature and intimate coaching sessions with executives, to organisation-wide self-paced courses and our signature The Relaxed Woman at Work programme.

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The Relaxed Woman at Work

As women, being relaxed is where our power lies.¬†We¬†can only show up fully ‚Äď as leaders, lovers, high-performers, team members, colleagues, parents, friends ‚Äď when we're genuinely valued, truly respected and deeply rested.¬†

The Relaxed Woman at Work is our signature eight-week coaching programme for up to 12 women. Blending individual and group coaching sessions, we'll guide the female talent in your organisation through The Relaxed Woman Journey, teaching them how to honour their stress-rest rhythms to protect themselves from burnout,¬† regulate their nervous systems to optimise creativity and performance and challenge the limiting beliefs that are holding them back from doing their best work ‚Äď and so much more!

Using playful and engaging experiential learning, we explore everything from perfectionism, people-pleasing and procrastination to self-compassion, social courage and authentic leadership. 

The Relaxed Woman at Work is about nurturing your female talent, allowing them to flourish and achieve their potential. It's about empowering the women in your organisation with the tools to do their most impactful and meaningful work. It's saying 'You matter. Your wellbeing matters. Your voice matters. Your work matters. Together, we are transforming what matters'.

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The Relaxed Leader

Leadership can be a lonely path. We're here to join you on the journey.  

The Relaxed Leader is our bespoke executive coaching service for CEOs and leaders of all genders. 

Many of us care so much about the work we do that we can find ourselves abandoning our own needs in service of our organisation. We're here to help you take care of you. Because when we have a felt sense of being supported, everything becomes easier, freeing up our resources for creating, relating and doing our best work. 

What is a Relaxed Leader?

Relaxed leadership is rooted primarily in our way of being, not in what we do.

As we become more self-aware, more self-compassionate, more self-confident, we bring forth these qualities in our people too. 

The inherent potential of our people is awakened when they receive the necessary support and interpersonal nourishment. As Relaxed Leaders, our goal is to be that nourishment. 

As Relaxed Leaders, we bring out the greatness in our people by offering them the support, safety and trust they need to feel free enough to contribute to our organisation's mission in the most creative, passionate and successful way. 

As Relaxed Leaders, we have our most impact be balancing hard work with deep rest. By role modelling self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-leadership. By creating a caring and compassionate space where deep engagement, meaningful productivity and high performance will emerge.

How we can help 

Being a Relaxed Leader begins with accepting the responsibility to get the support we need for our inner world. As we let ourselves be fully seen and gently supported, we develop the capacity to be fully present, to listen deeply, to trust that we know what to do. 

We flourish into a leader everyone loves. And, grounded in this love, our people flourish too. 

The Relaxed Leader is a bespoke coaching programme, designed specifically for you. This might look like six months of weekly coaching sessions, day-long immersive experiences or coaching packages tied in with larger organisational, developmental or cultural change programmes.

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Meet your founder

I‚Äôm Nicola ‚Äď an integrative¬†therapist, stress and rest researcher, trainee sport psychologist and founder of The Relaxed Woman. I'm¬†passionate about compassionate living, deep healing, self-actualisation, high performance and how we can make the most of these precious breath we call life.

Over the last 10 years I've supported hundreds of people ‚Äď from students, full time mums and creatives, to CEOs, Premiership footballers and veterans ‚Äď on their unique journeys to self-acceptance, personal evolution and professional growth.¬†

I live in Brighton and spend my free time painting, baking, reading, wild swimming, wandering by the ocean, growing my own vegetables and sitting in coffee shops with a good book and buttery croissant.  

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What makes us different

Impact matters. 

We care deeply about what we do. Delivering tick box trainings doesn’t interest us. We focus on providing meaningful insights, actionable ideas and compassionate support for positive, sustainable change.


Integrity matters.

We don‚Äôt teach anything we don‚Äôt practise. We acknowledge that we don‚Äôt know everything and we will make mistakes. We embrace self-enquiry as an opportunity to move closer to our ‚Äėgrowth edge ‚Äď our personal unknown. We actively seek the things we find uncomfortable and want to avoid in order to grow.¬†


Feeling safe matters.

Feeling safe is at the heart of everything we do. We understand the science of safety and bring these safety-promoting qualities to our work: Humility, humour, self-disclosure, playfulness, spontaneity and open emotional expression. We 'out ourselves' when we get something wrong. We show up unmasked and let you see our imperfections and insecurities so that you feel safe doing the same.


Science matters.

Everything we do is rooted in science. We're geeks. We read the research. We understand the mechanisms. We transform the findings into engaging tools and strategies for personal growth, meaningful performance and collective change.


Physiology matters.

We love neuroscience. We know that our nervous systems are always communicating with each other. If our nervous systems are in a state of fight-or-flight, we'll dysregulate you too. This is why we do the inner work to ensure our nervous systems are regulated. As we work together, our regulation will reverberate through you and your team, gradually enhancing flexibility and resilience in the whole organisation. 

Relationships matters.

We are social beings. Collaboration, cohesion and compassionate relationships are the foundation of wellbeing, resilience and high performance ‚Äď and the backbone¬†of our work together.


Diversity matters.

We honour lived experience and indigenous wisdom as much as scientific evidence and ‚Äėexpert‚Äô opinions. We do our best to create a trauma-sensitive, spiritually-conscious, neurodiversity-affirming culture and support you in doing the same.


Systems matter.

We take a dynamic systems perspective rooted in affiliative neuroscience. We embrace a 'we mode of mind' by focusing on the core characteristics of growth-promoting systems: Sensitivity, engagement, autonomy, reciprocity, cohesion, belonging and meaning.


Rest matter.

We understand the science when it comes to the impact of stress on wellbeing, relationships and performance. We know it’s our responsibility to prioritise rest in our lives so we can do our most impactful and meaningful work. We hope we inspire you to do the same.


You matter.

We can’t truly support you unless we truly know you. Every leader, team and organisation is as unique as a fingerprint. We use immersive research techniques to connect deeply with you, your team and the needs of your organisation.

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