A 90 Minute 1:1 Session


Whether you’re looking for clarity, support or techniques to help you move towards the goals you want to achieve and the person you want to be, this 90 minute coaching session will empower you to begin creating the life you want to lead.


These sessions are great if you want to:

  • Learn tools and practices to help deal with stress and anxiety.
  • Create a burnout recovery plan. 
  • Get to know your values and what truly matters to you.
  • Learn how to set meaningful and effective goals. 
  • Identify areas of self-sabotage.
  • Explore fear of failure and fear of success.
  • Untangle your sense of self-worth from your work. 
  • Explore habits of perfectionism, people-pleasing and toxic productivity. 
  • Work on a specific challenge.

This session includes:

  • A 90 minute coaching session.
  • Exploration of your current challenges.
  • Psychoeducation and introduction to different psychological theories to help you make sense of your challenges.
  • Tools and techniques to support you in your day to day life.
  • Goal setting to keep you motivated moving forwards.
  • A recording of our session on Zoom.
  • A session summary and action plan via email. 

Cost: £275

Please note, coaching is not the same as therapy. Whilst Nicola is a qualified therapist, these sessions aren't suitable for in-depth therapeutic work. If you are interested in working with Nicola long term, you can find information here

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I know that finances are often a barrier to working with me directly. If you are looking for support from me, we offer a free workshop which you can access below.

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